To cooperate with Dhammaduta and Kyite Htee Saung, Mon State, Myanmar

On 19-22 Feb 2559, Phra Sophonvachirabhorn, Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs of MCU, Acting Director of Dhammaduta College of MCU was with Phramaha Cha-Em Suviro, Assistant to the Rector for Foreign Affairs, Phramaha Sathit Sathito, Director, Central Affairs Division and the followers to visit Wat Kyite Htee Saung, Mon State, Myanmar. The group discussed with Ven Sayadaw Nagathipa, the Abbot of Wat Kyite Htee Saung for cooperation with the project of Dhammaduta College . Moreover, Phra Sophonvachirabhorn led the administers and teacher group of Chitralada School, Bangkok to study tour in teaching the Buddhism in Myanmar


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Picture: International Relations Division