Rector of MCU presided over Monthly Chanting Ceremony

On Monday, 5 September 2022, from 9.00 – 10.00 a.m., Phra Dhamvajrabundit, Prof. Dr., Rector of Mahachululongkornrajvidyalaya University, presided over the monthly chanting ceremony and took meditation at Vipassanadhura building, 2nd floor, MCU, Ayutthaya.
On this occasion, Phramaha Surasak Paccantaseno, Asst. Prof. Dr., Vice–Rector for Foreign Affairs, and Phrakhruvinaithorn Samut Thavaradhammo, Asst. Prof. Dr., Acting Director of Dhammaduta college, including Administrators, Lecturers, and staff of Dhammaduta college and International Relations division of MCU, participated in the ceremony.

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News: Dhammaduta College

Reporter: Phramaha Pharadon Bhurissaro

English News: Phramaha Pharadon Bhurissaro

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